Welcome to Other Cathedrals. This is the guitar collection of Kaki King, housed in a beautiful private setting that doubles as a recording studio. After years of recording and touring Kaki realized that she had far too many guitars to play and maintain. She had also met many aspiring guitarists who were struggling with the quality of their instrument, or who had never had the luxury of playing a high-end or handcrafted guitar. She felt like the best way to solve these two problems was to bring the guitars and the people together, and give them both the privacy and time they deserved.

The thirty-odd instrument collection contains beautiful dreadnought acoustic guitars, parlor guitars, mini 12 strings, one of a kind electrics, lap steels, a doubleneck pedal steel, a harp guitar, and more. Each guitar is set up in a unique way, using string configurations, pickups, and other techniques to make it one of a kind.  Many were commissions from luthiers with whom Kaki has had long relationships. There are some fantastic amps, pedals galore, and lots of fun guitar add ons such as the passerelle guitar bridge, the Vo-96 acoustic synthesizer, and the Tonewood amp.

We currently offer:

  • use of the guitar collection (with an introductory tour)
  • rehearsal for solo or small ensemble
  • beginner's lessons
  • advanced lessons with Kaki
  • recording time alone or with your engineer
  • full recording services with our in house engineer

Taking the name from Adrian Legg's album, "Guitars and Other Cathedrals," the library and studio is currently an experiment in what happens when you put together guitars + privacy + time. Please email othercathedrals@gmail.com to arrange a visit.




In addition to all of the above, the studio has a Moog Little Phatty synth, a KingKorg synth, a Casio 88 key weighted keyboard, a DW Performance series 5 piece drum set, and a variety of percussion instruments available for recording.